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R2 Day 5 Love is Not Rude- Done

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My wife called me yesterday evening as she was finishing up at work. She discussed her weekend plans because she has to work her second job and the weather is bad. She asked me what I thought about her plans and told me if I needed help with the kids she would do whatever she could. (I'm as confused as usual about why she is asking my opinion) I told her to do whatever she felt was necessary and I would support her. I told her I would manage with the kids.

Her plans are as follows:

Yesterday- stayed at her parent's house because her patients for today are closer to their house and the weather is bad.

Tonight- she is staying at her parent's house again because her secondary job is closer to them which she has to work this weekend.

Saturday night- she is staying at a co-worker's house to avoid driving so much in the bad weather since her job is an hour from our house.

I suppose she won't be home until Sunday night. [I miss my wife so bad]

So I won't see her for a few days. I texted her this morning as follows:

Me: I hope your day goes well. Do you want to go with us tonight? [the kids and me] You could also go with us tomorrow. Forget work. It's not that important. I dreamt about you all night so I thought I should ask you.

Her: I'm gonna try to get my tooth pulled this evening. Also if I call off then become Director and I write people up for calling off that won't go over well. I'll see about my tooth. I have to call the dentist in a bit.

Me: Ok that makes perfect sense. I was just asking and hoping. I do hope you get that tooth fixed. I've been thinking and praying about your tooth.

Me: Throughout the day could you think of three things that cause you to be uncomfortable or irritated with me and let me know? I realize I'm not perfect and I want something to build on. I want to know how to be a better person for you. Thank you for being who you are.

Also in our conversation yesterday she was telling me that she was looking for a couple things that the kids need. A pair of basketball shoes and a heater for the bedroom. I was going to buy them but with the money I'm spending on a lawyer I can't keep buying everything for the kids so I told them to ask her. I hate that this is already affecting us financially but I can't tell my wife that because I really don't feel like she cares. At one point she was talking about trying to find what they wanted for as cheap as possible and she laughed while she was saying it, saying herself that she is always a cheapskate and always has been. One thing she dislikes about me is how I spend money. I've never put us in jeopardy and our credit is excellent but I'm not a saver. She is.

I will be waiting on her responses if she gives me any.

  • Consider this a good thing, that possibly your wife is staying away from home for space.  maybe she needs the space from you to sort out her feelings, because she is unsure about going through with the d.  And God can use this time away to further convict her.  God is using everything for your good in this  trial since you love  Him.

  • That is great you miss her.   Take that longing for  her and  turn it into further longing for God.  Let this build your relationship with Him.   He will fill that  void.  

  • Great answer. I read a book called "Getting Back Together" and it is all about how the time away is very positive for both people. Time to forget, time to forgive, time to heal. etc.

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