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R2 Day 3 Love is Not Selfish- Done

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After getting the car ready for my wife to use today I started to think she had changed her mind. Then on my lunch she called me and said she would stop by my work and get it. So for todays dare, after praying and thinking what I could get for her (I kept thinking expensive stuff), something simple came to me. I bought her a diet coke and a brownie and left them in the car. Two things she loves. $2.22. Dare complete.

Then… she texts me ninety minutes later and says her employer cancelled her going to the patient’s house because the road was too bad. So I’m kind of bummed because I worked so hard to make things perfect for her. I guess I will give her the diet coke and brownie at home later.

  • Man that gets disappointing when you plan how to accomplish a dare so well, and yet it doesn't get completed as you hoped.  Kind of  like paying  chess and after umpteen moves your opponent, just before you strike the final blow, pulls a move you had  not seen coming.

    But, the dares like this still bring you closer to Christ because you trusted him and  prayed about how to accomplish it.  And that's what counts, continuing down the path in this  journey.  

  • We like  the reward of seeing our spouse happy or thankful when we do a dare we put effort in. But, be content God saw your effort and  be joyful in that.  

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