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Day 39 Love endures- Done

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I finished the letter. I'm definitely no Shakespeare but it was inspired by God. My hesitations in writing it had to do with the fact that she may not even read it and even if she does she won't care what it says. I wrote it with God in mind, imagining He was sitting with me, helping me. It's words are true and it committed me to her for as long as we live. I can't turn back now. Even if she leaves me I must remain alone until she decides to return. But I will never be alone because God's grace is sufficient for me.

  • The last two sentences....The first of those two sentences is a tough one to bare when that sentence stands alone.  The second sentence makes everything more than okay.  

    Keep seeking His peace, comfort, wisdom, and strength, building a continued endurance in Christ.

  • I saw your reply to scrupulosity.  I wish I could remember, it's been too many years.   One of the nuns gave three points that needed to occur in order for something to be a sin.  It helped me determine what I did was actually a sin or not.  It sounds strange, but sometimes it can be confusing

  • to determine if we actually sinned or not.

    One of the points was we must be aware we are sinning when we commit the action or thought or even the lack of action.  One point is we must have committed this sin on our own free will.  And if I remember those two correctly, I can not remember the 3rd.  If i ever come across this subject again, i will try to share it with you.  i know in the past it helped me a great deal.  

  • for example, there was something I was doing, cant remember what right now, that was a sin.  But since I was no aware of it being sinful, it did not constitute a sin up until I repeated it after I become aware it was sinful.  

    I am sure my words are as clear as mud.  If so, sorry.  

  • Have no expectations if she reads it or not.  And no expectations if it means anything or not.  No matter if she reads it or not or what her reaction is, God will use that for you and will use it to draw her into Him if she so chooses to listen to Him.

    If she doesn't read it, it will be on her mind often, wondering what it said, and the guilt of what she is doing will add to the conviction from Christ.  Doing the dare is a win win situation when you do it for God .

  • I do fear that I will inadvertently commit a sin which I guess makes no sense at all since I choose not to sin by my own free will. I do sin by becoming angry or not showing love sometimes and I realize and repent ASAP. I really do need to let go of the fear that I am sinning even when I'm trying to do good... such as protect my children from my wife's bad spiritual decisions.

  • Be on guard.  Evil may use the fear of sinning to bring you harm.  Above all this, keep in Him as you are and keep in His peace.  I think as you continue to grow all of this will sort out on it's own.  At least my guess.  

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