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Day 36 Love is God's Word- Done

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I have been reading my Bible and studying for a while now. I use a Bible app that has thousands of devotionals and I typically have 3-5 of them going at a time. I also read many religious books and articles. I got five new books for Christmas from my sister-in-law. I am learning a lot every day and I am spiritually growing very quickly. Ever since I was baptized seven months ago I can feel the Holy Sprit directing me. The funny thing is that when this first happened I felt the Holy Spirit working very hard on me- conviction, dreams, random thoughts- but now it doesn't seem to be as strong. I'm assuming that since I am growing so well and am devoted 100% that I don't need as much attention as some others may. I pray that He comforts others who are experiencing this pain as He did- and still does- me.

I asked my wife yesterday if she would be interested in reading scripture and discussing it with me. I told her she could pick the scripture and we could even text back and forth if she wanted. She told me that her tooth is killing her (she showed me earlier in the day that her jaw tooth had cracked when she was eating something and said it hurts terrible.) She also said that our 15 year old daughter was showing her the Christmas presents that grandma and grandpa got her. I know these are just excuses and that her heart is still telling her to run from me but I still love her because it is God's will for me.

I have to meet with a lawyer tomorrow. I don't want to. I don't want to "fight" my wife but she has given me no choice. These papers say I have 20 days to respond or she gets the house, the kids, and child support and I have to move out. She says that is not what she wanted and not what she told her lawyer but the lawyer I spoke with said if I notice she signed that paper says all of this so she knows exactly what it says. He said that either she is completely naïve or is lying to me. I don't know what to think. I just know that I don't want to fight my wife. I did get my children together because I feel they are old enough to know what is going on. The professionals I speak with have advised me of this. I told my children exactly what the papers say and asked them what they would like me to do. I told them I didn't want to take a bunch of money from the family doing something that would be against what they want. They told me to "destroy" their mom in court. I think that is sad and it breaks my heart that they feel like this.

  • I am so sorry to hear what your family is going through. Continue to pray and seek God. Even though you now have to get a lawyer to protect yourself and your kids, remember that God can still use these circumstances to speak to your wife. Also, you have an opportunity to show her love through your decisions. You can counteract by saying you receive the house, the kids, and child support, and that she has to move out. Or you can find some areas where you can give her something too. Allow God to guide these decisions.

  • What still amazes me is so many spouses will tell everyone some of what's going on in there life, all the while initiating filing.  But that is good she is still sharing about a tooth ache.  Something she doesn't have to share.  If she was using that as an excuse to deflect studying together, she could have been rude about it.  

    Don't look at it as fighting your wife, but as protecting the kids.  Love believes the best.  She really didn't know what she signed.  So often, our spouses really aren't thinking right and then just rely on whatever someone else says.  

    It is sad the kids are that upset with her.  But there is good news also there.  They see her worldly ways and your testimony, and they choose God's ways.  They may not really understand that yet.

  • I had heard a nun on the radio say once something like this about the Holy Spirit.  When hands are laid upon you to receive the Holy Spirit, the more you need the Holy Spirit, the more you will fall (physically).  And the more the Holy Spirit is in you, the less of a jolt you will feel and you wont fall.  This kind of goes with what you are saying.

    As you grow, remain humble.  Sometimes in gaining wisdom and knowledge and a closeness in Christ, we can let it get to our heads and exalt ourselves.  But I am sure you aren't ever going to do that.  

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