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Day 35 Love is Accountable- Done

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I chose my preacher as my mentor. I've spoken to him a lot over this and he has shared personal things with me and assures me that I'm not the only one with marriage problems. He has a Godly marriage and I respect him tremendously. I asked him to help me stay accountable to God and my wife no matter what decision she makes. I hope to grow in Christ with his help. He has much knowledge and wisdom to offer me.

  • My mentor told me something interesting about couples she knows who have strong marriages. She said that they have already been through the rough spots that we are in and have come out on the other side stronger. Their trials may be different, but the strongest couples have had their own trials that they have had to work through together.

  • Thank God you have such a good mentor.  And that he is making time for you.  

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