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Day 34 Love Celebrates Godliness- Done

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Here's a couple of responses to Tim's recent responses to my posts:

I don't tell her I love her often. I try to limit it to once or twice a day so she DOES know I do. I often add "unconditionally" of "no matter what you do" with it and I'm unsure how that affects her but the important thing is that I follow what God tells me- to love my wife under all circumstances.

I have thought that she will interpret me asking people to pray for her as me saying SHE has the problem, Because of that I do always add that I am by far perfect and I need prayers too, along with my entire family.

On to day Day 34:

My wife texted me yesterday afternoon and said she is working her second job this weekend and she will not be home until Sunday after work. I don't know where she will be staying. I asked her if she would like to go on a date. I did this because one of our preachers said we MUST find time to spend together. Her response was: "I have to finish a lot of stuff for this job and I have early learning with my other job and still have charting to do." I told her I would love to help her and she said it's nothing I could help her with. I said I would try. Then to complete the dare I thought of an older man at church that she helps a lot after he lost his wife a few months ago. She takes him food and does anything she can for him whenever she can. I told her that I admire that Christian quality in her. Then I saw her typing a response through imessage but it went away. Then the next morning she sent me a text that said that she had just saw my message. She said "Thank you" and said she may not take the job she was offered because the nursing home is in really bad shape. I told her I would support whatever decision she makes and I want to be there with her through it.

I asked her if she wanted to go on a date tonight and she said she has a lot of things to do this evening. So I just told her ok and added that I think she is the sweetest and prettiest girl in the world. I have to say positive things in order to keep myself positive.

  • I would say, at least from what i have seen in person and probably on this site, saying i love you that often can really get in her space.  Granted, in prayer and what you experience will be your guide to this.    She knows you love her.  Your actions in doing the dares speak louder than saying I love you.  But let the wisdom God shares with you guide you in this regard.

    Yes, God says to love her under all circumstances, and you are.  But that doesn't instruct that you must say it a couple times a day.

  • Before the dares, if someone said to others to pray for me and even if they added and also me because  I am far from perfect.  My thought and maybe what I would say would be, That's fine for you to blurt out you are not perfect, but don't lump me in there that I am faulty too.

    Again, all this may be just my oddity coming through.  And I am not pointing fingers or saying I am right.  But, if I don't share what I feel lead to share, I have done an injustice.  

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