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Day 33 Love Completes Each Other- Done

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I worked from 7AM to 5PM and had to take my daughter to therapy at 6PM. I took all the kids with me and took them out to eat afterwards. We did not get home until 9:30PM. My wife had put the Christmas tree up and I did manage to ask her if there were any decisions coming up that we could help each other make. She didn't answer and just changed the subject to the Christmas tree and presents. So I tried to put myself out there and let her know that her input is important.

It's really difficult to do the Love Dares now since I have to get a lawyer and will be limited to what I can say or do for her. I pray God that You strengthen me in this time of need and You touch my wife's heart. I pray for my family Lord. Keep us under Your wing and protect us from Satan. Please don't let him defeat my family. My children need you now more then ever. My wife needs You. I need You. Amen

  • You've been on this site a short while, but to you it may feel like  you have been doing the dares for an eternity.  You have grown considerably in Christ during this trial.  Thank God for that.  Look at this time as the next stepping stone in this trial.  the dares are getting harder.  She has served papers.  More uncertainty, a limited amount of time for things to  reconcile.  

  • The trial has stepped up it's pace.  

    But the good news is Jesus has set a foundation in you to  handle  this, because He is your foundation,  not you.  And  when you stay in this journey with Him as you are, your  endurance in Christ will grow.  You have new, fresh ground to work in to grow more.

    The dares were hard before  and that caused growth, we grow when we must rely on God to do the dares and also to show  us how to do the dares.

  • And to you it looks even harder now to do the dares in this new  segment of this journey.  And I am sure it may be more difficult.  but this phase of your  journey has more potential to change you and her for the better.  

    For you, you need  to rely on Christ even more  so, and how great is  that.  You have to pull yourself out of it even more so, so He has more room to work.  And this will show you trust in Him.

    For her, she has taken the next step in a d, and all that God does on His  own and threw you will be more heavily weighted in conviction.

  • She has free will that God will not  take away from her, but she may feel so convicted as you continue in patience and  kindness that she breaks.  And if  this  happens, you need to be the hands of  Christ for her.  

    Look not at the potential of harm all this  may cause, of her worldly actions, but look upon Who is saving you and your kids and hopefully your wife in this world, and prayerfully in eternity.  

    Keep showing Christ's peace to her and the kids.  They need to see this consistently.

  • I read your last response to me.  Not sure why, but it changed my thinking in this regard.  I had always thought through this trial, I love her unconditionally, but once she breaks the covenant, I will want to stop loving her as  a husband is to love his  wife.  But, as I read the response, I was lead and have the desire to love her as I should, even if  a  d takes place.  That brings peace.  

  • I believe, after studying scripture, that even after a d I have no choice but to love my wife. I don't believe that either of us have the right to marry again and if we do it will result in sin. Jesus says our only option, aside from remaining apart, is to reconcile. That's why I will continue to love her as my wife.

  • This is just my personal opinion....... When my husband first asked for the d I started a journal and gave him full access to it. At first I had the same thought about having to watch what I say but then realized that if it was from my heart, kind, loving and encouraging (as we have already been challenged to do in the dares) then I had nothing to worry about. If my husband is so offended by them to put them before a judge I really believe my husband would be laughed at for being offended by them.

    If you need to worry about your words to her because of the divorce it may be an indication that you should be worrying about them regardless and are maybe saying things that you shouldn't now. (Not saying you're saying things you shouldn't. Just an opinion.)

  • Dpowell you are absolutely correct. I should not worry about my words. They should not offend anyone.

  • I hate that d makes us feel like we have to walk on egg shells! I really pray that if my husband chooses to put my words before attorney's or a judge that they would think he the one crazy for leaving someone who loves him so dearly. lol

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