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Day 23 Love Always Protects- Done

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I actually made this very simple a while ago. I threw out everything that would interfere with my wife. If she needs me I stop and give her my undivided attention. Right now since she is only home a few days a week this has been relatively easy. My hope is that if she ever decides to move back in full time I can continue to fully give up everything for her. I want to make her as important as the Bible says she should be to me... because she IS!!!

I attended marriage therapy by myself last night and he told me not to give up. He said it's amazing to see how much my faith has grown and we prayed together and asked God to be with my wife, to open her heart to Him.

  • Giving her undivided attention is great.  We may have talked about this before.  I'm not sure.  But be aware she may Kash out saying your staring at her.  You may have to get good at looking at her without looking non stop.  If this makes sense.

  • You did mention that before. She told me once that I was leaning in towards her too and that made her uncomfortable. So I am being very careful. Walking on broken glass.

  • I did not know how much we are alike in this walk.  I wish I had a class to go to at times but there is not one I can find.  I am glad you found me so I can read your thoughts.  It helps to let me know that God is still in the business of miracles.  I can find them if I am open to them.

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