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Day 22 Love is Faithful- Done

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Without Christ I would have already stepped out of this marriage. Because of Christ and His love for me I am now able to love my wife regardless of her actions. I can only try to show her love unconditionally. I texted her the exact words in the dare- "I love you. Period. I choose to love you even if you don't love me in return." I dodn't expect a response and I didn't get one.  A few hours later she texted me asking about the kids Christmas presents. I know she saw my text and at least had to think about it for a second or two. I just have to continue to show love no matter how difficult this gets or how I feel. I need to continue to lead my heart until this love becomes me.

  • May I encourage you to call versus texting. If she doesn't answer then you could leave a message. I believe when they hear our voice that it is important. In a text, they can't hear your voice or the emotion. Food for thought.

  • Just what Peggy said, call first.  even if you know  she won't answer, then leave a voice mail as she said.  

  • I sometimes avoid her calls because hearing her voice hurts so bad. Some of the things she's said to me in the last few months are devastating and her voice just kills me. It's really hard to get the courage to do that but I will certainly try.

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