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Day 20 Love is Jesus Christ- Done

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I gave my life to Jesus before I started the Love Dare but I have learned much in the last 20 days. I have grown immensly from this book. I live my life according to His love and I am determined to live love and show love always.

  • I am guessing at some point you will plateau in your growth.  If/when you do, seek new ways to continue growing in Christ, be it church, fellowship, bible, etc.

  • Or maybe it's just me that plateaus.......

  • I grow more each day. Someone from church came up to me yesterday and said they appreciate my involvement in the church and are amazed at how much I have grown in the last few months. She said it's wonderful how I bring my children and she added that my prayers are so sincere and thought out. So people are noticing that this is not a fad but a change of life for me and my family. Praise the Lord.

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