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Day 19 Love is Impossible- Done

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There were many days that seemed impossible. My wife won't talk to me about anything outside of "business" which is the kids. I have found a creative way to do every day and even with no response from her I feel good doing them because it's unconditional. Now after being told unconditional love is impossible for humans I am even more determined to show it. I realize that I don't deserve forgiveness- from God or her. It is a blessing to be forgiven. I don't deserve my wife or anything I have because I am a sinner. For this reason I have to be thankful for everything I have in my life. I am a servant to God first and to all others before myself. I will love my wife no matter what and I will live my life according to God's word.

  • And as you do this, she will continue to see, even if you don't see her often.  And continuing the dares will help you decrease while Jesus increases in you.

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