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Day 16 Love Intercedes- Done

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This dare didn't seem too bad. I pray for my wife multiple times a day. I just didn't focus my prayer on three specific things. Here are the three things I came up with:

Spending time with the family

Obedience to God

Accepting my faults

Then I thought I have those out of order. The first thing I prayed for was her obedience to God. I believe that anyone who commits to obey God and the New Testament commandments of Jesus would never even think about divorce. She has argued with me any time I mention that she needs to get right with God. She says she is right with God and it's not my place to judge that. Even though I firmly believe it is my right because the Bible tells us to judge lovingly but also to watch for the log in your own eye while telling a brother or sister about the speck in theirs. I feel like it is my duty as a disciple of Jesus to help her spiritually. I just sometimes find it difficult to accomplish this without looking like I'm being condescending. My intentions are pure and driven by my love for my Savior but she can't see that.

Second, I pray for her to spend time with the family. On the days she is home (15 days a month) she stays in our bedroom while I watch movies with the kids or do anything else with them. This isn't new behavior either- she has never done much with the family. One thing I learned months ago that I need to put into practice is to ask her what SHE would like to do with the family instead of me coming up with the activity. Maybe she would be more inclined to participate if I let her have some control. There's that word again- CONTROL- I need to get rid of the control I exert. I never realized how much I love to control everything.

Third, I pray that she can someday learn to accept my faults. I have learned to accept hers and I have changed many things about myself to accommodate that. I have also tried to change my own behaviors so I don't do the things she hates but when it comes down to it I can never be perfect so unless she learns acceptance for some things I will never be pleasing to her.

I also pray for her health. She has had three heart surgeries in the last three years and I was there for all of them. I would have a difficult time moving on if something were to happen to her. She is also always anxious and I believe it affects her health.

Praying for my wife is something that is very easy to do because on earth she is the best thing I have.

  • That's terrific you caught the correct order.  

    At this point, I believe even in the right reasons, letting her know she needs to get right with God will be not only fruitless, but counter productive as well.  She sees your testimony now, and that is the best way to show her she needs to get right with God for now.  But of course pray on this if you listen to what I say.

  • Great job giving up drinking.  

    You had mentioned to start skimming the dares in the morning.  i would encourage you to wake up earlier if need be, then after prayer time and bible reading if you do that in the morning, read the dare, then pray upon it.  That way the lesson of the dare as well as how to do the dare sits in your conscience all day.  And it also gives you all day to pray about the dare and to accomplish the dare.  

    Some people  read the next day's dare before going to bed, but I think first thing in the morning is best.

  • I agree - if our spouses hearts are right with God/obedient, divorce is not an option.  It's when sin creeps in that divorce gets put on the table.  I heard tonight that sin always brings about death - death of relationships, death of careers, physical death of our bodies, etc.  Sin is what brings about the deaths of marriages.

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