Collaborate without boundaries
  • Day 87 (R3D7)

    I haven't written on here in a while, but still using the pages of my book to keep track of my thoughts. The main reason I haven't, as I've heard time and again that things get worse before they get better. Well I thought I was passed the...
  • Interesting observation

    I spent some time reading other posts after I wrote my last one. It's interesting to me, and a little bit comforting, that there are so many husbands doing what I am. I'm not downplaying the wives at all and applaud them for working on it, but...
  • Day 78

    Well today's dare is one that I can't fully accomplish, like the first time through. I cant fully accomplish it purely due to finances. But, as I put in yesterday's journal, I just get creative how I can still "do" the dare with...
  • Day 77

    So I just found this portion of the site. Up till now I've just been using the book and the self-evaluations to track my progress as well as using the notes portion of the book as my own journal. I'm putting this up so other people might be able...
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