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God is so good!

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God is so good!! No changes with the blister that I discovered. No changes is good. My surgeon also said it looks really good to her and she isn’t concerned. Of course I’m still concerned a bit and may be until it goes away but I don’t let myself stay stuck in a place of worry. 

Yesterday I officially went back to work full time. I’m so wore out but I’m so grateful that I’ve healed so well! I’m in a support group on Facebook for women who have had this surgery or will be having it and I’ve been able to connect with women all over the world that had it done the same day as I did or around the same time. It amazes me that some people are even allowed to preform this surgery. I’ve seen so many women mutilated. Every single one has had major infections and have had wounds open up. I’m so very blessed to have had an amazing surgeon and to have healed as nicely as I have. I’m also so very grateful for the help I’ve had.

Since I gave myself permission to grieve over the loss of my marriage I have had a peace that I can’t even begin to describe. I don’t feel stuck and waiting anymore. I feel free.

Tonight I watched I Can Only Imagine with my mom and step dad. It gave me a little hope again that God is working on my husband.

I can safely say that in looking back there is nothing I could have done differently to have gotten a different outcome. Even if I had handled things differently it would have only prolonged the outcome that I have now. I truly believe that God removed me from the situation to prevent further hurt and so that He could work without interference. It’s my job to give it to God and trust Him and everything else is His job.

I feel more like my best self more and more every day. I’m reminding myself daily of what I mean to God and the lengths He’s went to just to have a relationship with me. I’m falling in love with His Love Letter to me more and more every day. I’m so thankful that God inspired and wrote His word so that I would never doubt His love and so that I would always have something to comfort me. My Savior has MY named tattooed on His palm and I am the apple of his eye. I know that there is nothing I wouldn’t do for the ones I love and my love for them is pale in comparison to the love God has for me. I know too that God loves my husband and God loves our marriage. I have no doubt that He will continue to fight for him and for us.

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! I pray for all of the marriages that are struggling and that God make Himself and His presence known to each and every one! 

  • The peace and joy you are gaining is beyond understanding to the world.  Who gains momentum in joy with all that you have and are going  through?  A person who realizes she's a child of Christ, and that her Dad will take care of her.  

    Keep shining Christ's light.

  • Maybe you need to be worn out so you are forced to rest.

    I want to watch that movie soon. We don't get enough about how God is working nowadays. It's refreshing to have a story we can believe in. I should look at my own life now as a success story, even though it feels like a failure in some regards. I was as far from God as possible and now He's all I think about. It took Him years to get me. It would make a good movie actually.

    You did the best you could. I would say just by being on this site and doing the Love Dare you showed your effort. The ultimate decision was your husbands. That's out of your control and you are handling it very well.

    All glory to God and His will be done!

  • Thank you guys! I definitely had to be worn down in order to rest. That’s the story of my life! Lol....

  • I have to wear myself out to sleep. My brain goes into overthink if I'm not really tired. I still haven't slept in my own bed in months. I sleep on the couch. I can't sleep in a bed where my wife is supposed to be. I'm not sure if I will ever get past that point.

  • I am always worn out and never rest well. I still am not sleeping well, just taking more time to sit and relax. I’m surprised I haven’t went crazy yet. I can’t sweep or mop for another 8 weeks. In my head I’m crafting how I can do it without having to move my arms in ways I’m not suppose to. I’m a clean freak and now I can’t! God has ways of realigning our priorities though!

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