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Prayers please

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I have been so very blessed to have healed so well from my surgery. Then today I found a spot that I believe is skin necrosis. This is a very common complication and I’ve been so cautious. I’ve got to send a picture to my surgeon in the morning but I’m so very worried tonight. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Its hard to focus on anything else with this on my mind. 


  • Prayers!

  • Prayers.

    As you have learned in this trial to fear not.  Apply that to this trial as well.

  • Prayers.

    Worry not.

    I watched some videos about Paul over the weekend. He lived with some sort of affliction that he prayed about but it was never healed as far as we know.

  • Thanks guys! I sent a picture to my surgeon this morning and she said everything looks great and she’s not worried. However, I am. My mom had something similar after her mastectomy and it lead to 6+ months of an open wound. Time will be the only way to tell though.

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