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What day is it again??

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I hate to admit this but the LD was the last thing on my mind. I didn't read the chapter and didn't even realize that I hadn't until tonight. My dad has 100% blockage to the entire right side of his heart, 85-90% in the top left and 60% in the bottom left. We prepared for life flight but they actually sent him home. They said that with all of his risk factors it is more risky for them to do the surgery in an emergency setting. So, this week is a frenzied of appointments and preparations. My dad actually refuses to come stay with me after the surgery and said he would really just prefer to be at home in his own bed so my siblings and I (really just my sister and I) will be sharing duties at their house. 

On a positive note, my youngest son accepted Christ tonight as his Savior. It was the perfect end to this crazy day. God has gave me a glimpse of all of the good that's producing fruit from my unfortunate circumstances and I couldn't be more grateful!! I'm so grateful for this crazy beautiful life that I love and for the first time in a long time I'm excited to see what tomorrow holds!! 

  • Still praying.  And praises as your son accepted Christ - angels are rejoicing in heaven with you.

  • Amen!!!  So happy to hear about your son, and the joy of Christ that you are starting to tap into.

  • Terrific about your son.  As we all do, the newness and being excited for Christ may wear off for him over time.  And being young, he may be easily distracted from His walk.  so, see what can be done to keep him moving forward in his journey with Christ.  

    Tough news about your dad.  prayers.  

  • Thanks for all of the prayers and for the celebrating with me!

  • What wonderful news of your son!  That is awesome.  I will pray for your dad.  My dad was in his early 80 and had a heart attack.  When they got him to the hospital they found blockage in his heart as well.  One whole bottom side of his heart was 'dead muscle' the doctor said.  He didn't want to do surgery on my dad; actually said he would be a high risk.  My sister was a nurse in the heart unit at her hospital and she got my dad's records, took them to one of the doctors she worked with and he then referred her to a doctor who would do the surgery.  Long story short, as soon as the blockage was opened, the blood flowed to the lower part that was 'dead' and it pinked right up and began to function.  My dad lived to be 91 years old...actually lived 11 years after the surgery!   He passed from pneumonia.  With God . . .

  • I'm super blessed that I work in the medical field as well. Two days after we got the results of the stress test my dad had an appointment with the head of Cardiovascular. He has an amazing surgeon doing the surgery and I know that God has him in His hand.

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