Collaborate without boundaries

Day 36

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Today's chapter was on God's word. My husband and I don't read our bible together and honestly neither of us have really been in God's word as we should have been. I found myself in a very stagnant place. When I started this dare I did so in hopes to win my husband back. Little did I know that it would be a journey where I would find Christ again. I'm so very glad that I took the dare and haven't stopped! I just have a few more days left and things have gotten worse in some ways but so much better in others. I've tried other 40 day challenges and I've always quit after a week or two. 

This week I've focused a lot on growing spiritually and growing my faith in God. In an act of faith, I'm going to do another round and trust God to continue working in my life, my husband's life, our marriage and our family. I have learned to trust God so very much more and it's nice to know that He is working everything out for me, regardless of the outcome. I'm thankful that I can bring my big mess and my little amount of faith to our loving Father and watch as He makes my mess smaller and my faith bigger. 

Im so thankful for this journey. I'm thankful for the pain too for it is what brought me back to my Savior when I had began to wander. I'm so thankful that Christ will leave the 99 just to get me back. I'm thankful for this community of people and that my marriage has survived another day. I trust God will make all things right if I continue to surrender to His will. 

  • It's great to see you and everyone else too change from doing this to save the marriage to doing this for something even better, to grow in Christ and giving Him control of working in the marriage.

    I am sure as you do the second round, you will see even more so how your focus in doing the dares has changed.  

  • Near the end of my first round, there was no doubt in my mind that I would do a second round.  I grew so much in the first round, and I didn't want that growth to stop.  Now, over halfway through round 3, I still feel the same way.  I can look back and see how God has led me and shaped me.  I believe that you will find round 2 to be just as beneficial.

  • I think I will actually find it a little more beneficial. For the first two weeks of round one I was extremely emotional. I also do not want the growth to stop and I am stepping out in faith by learning to love my husband even deeper. Regardless of the outcome I know that God will honor that and will take care of me. It's also me choosing to continue choosing my marriage and what is best for my marriage out of obedience.

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