Collaborate without boundaries

Day 35

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Today has been a good day!! God is good and there are so many things that I have to rejoice about! I'm so thankful that The Lord is my shepherd. I'm so thankful that goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life!!

Today's chapter is on wise counsel and surrounding ourselves with other couples who can lift us up. This is something that we definitely didn't do. We don't have any other friends that are couples that we can hang out with. Kids and daily life have consumed our existence and our relationship. I started seeing a counselor right after my husband expressed that he wants a D and that's been great for me! I use to mostly be friends with women far older than me. I enjoy being able to glean their wisdom. My relationship with my husband has been all consuming as well and I let that part of me go. 

I recently spoke to one of my dearest older friends and it turns out we work about a mile from each other now. She asked me to message her one day to do lunch. I'm going to reach out to her and see if we can do lunch tomorrow. Her and her husband are a testament to what God can do in a marriage and I'm excited to reconnect with her. 

Today it has been two years since mine and my husband's first date. I did message him today and told him that I'm open to sitting down and really listening and talking any time he felt ready and that I miss my best friend. No response but I also didn't expect one. I didn't message to get a response. I just wanted him to know that I'm here and that I want to first listen and then to talk. (Something I've never been great at.) 

The more close I get to God the easier it is to just trust that He's working all things for my good and that He will take care of me always. I trust that God is moving in both of our lives like a tidal wave and that regardless of the outcome I walk away as a winner. I'm so thankful for the trial because it's cultivated some amazing things in me. I'm one really blessed girl!!! I'm the daughter of The Most High God. He is where my value comes from and nothing can take me from His hand. Not even my own mistakes. 

  • Just keep cautious of doing more than a dare a day.  

    Thank God for the changes in you during the last 35 days.  

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