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Day 34

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I'm back! I've been trying to focus more on family during the weekends so I didn't journal here all weekend. The counselor gave me the homework this week of getting out of the house and doing something fun with a friend. My best friend and I went to a painting place nearby Friday night and had so much fun!! I was really God that I got out and cleared my head enough to enjoy life! 

I'm still working the dares but still no response from my spouse. The last few chapters have been hard for me as we are getting deeper and deeper into our issues. Growth is limited as I am in a one sided relationship. I can only do my part and trust that God is still working in the situation. 

I had a bit of an emotional weekend. I dreamed about my husband all Saturday night and waking without him was a bit difficult. That's the first time that has happened since we separated. I went back today and listened to old voicemails just to hear his voice and hear his "I love you." I know that's probably super silly but I didn't quite care. It was good to hear it. 

Im thankful that my marriage has survived another day and I'm thankful for God's peace in the midst of the storm. 

  • Your sentence of Growth is limited as I am in a one sided relationship.  Let's tune that sentence up.  Remember, this is a journey between you and Christ, not you and him.  So turn that sentence into I am growing in the Lord and it is a two sided relationship, where I am seeking Him while He is nourishing me with love, forgiveness, peace, comfort, wisdom, and strength.  

    Try to take your eyes further off of your husband and focus even more on Jesus.  But, not loving your husband less.

    it is good to hear of your peace during this trial.  

  • That is true Tim! Thankfully I have been able to focus on God quite a bit more this past week and it feels really good to see my focus turning more lately.

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