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Day 27

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It's been a few days since I've written on here. (I have kept up with my other journal a bit better.) No change with my husband. I have continued doing the love dare but it is very hard when there is no communication. There has been a lot of reflection though. I tried to keep busy this weekend with positive activities and family time. Today is our one year anniversary and I knew the weekend and today would be very difficult. I've really had to rely on my support system the past few days. 

Right now, a year ago, we would be leaving the reception hall and heading to our new home together for the first time. Now, today, I get ready to go home to my kids and no husband. Not what I thought this day would look like. But, as I was reminded by the therapist, I would rather miss out on our first anniversary than every other anniversary. 

God and I are good and He continues to amaze me every day with new things. I've missed having this "first love" for my Savior. I still know that I will be ok with whatever happens because I know that I can trust God with my future. I am still praying for my husband and thankful that God protected my marriage another day! 

  • Thank God that you know Who your first love is and know you will be (more than) OK with whatever happens.

    Keep the hope in Christ.

  • Remember, your marriage has 3 partners.  So, celebrate your one year with God.  

  • lol... I actually did. I had a very good evening despite what I expected it to be. I leaned on my support system and got through it just fine. :)

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