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Day 19

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Today's challenge was one of reflection and after yesterday I needed it. God showed me some other areas where I have not been faithful or obedient and I know that I have got to get those areas in line. I know that I need to make some changes also in when I am getting up. I need more time with God before getting my day going vs at night when I'm exhausted. As far as the other challenges, I've found some easy to do and others not so easy. Partly because he isn't in our home and he isn't even willing to consider reconciliation as an option. I need God to help me with my unbelief. I know that God can. I don't trust that my husband will submit to God. 

Today has been the hardest day I've had in quite some time. Prayers would be appreciated. I choose to be thankful that God has protected my marriage another day. I am claiming new joy in the morning. 

  • If you are like many people you don't get enough sleep.  So, if you begin waking up earlier, strongly consider going to bed earlier.  Unless you are a morning person, it can be just as hard to focus on prayer early in the morning do to being tired.  

    But I feel the best time to pray is in the morning.  To start off the day with Jesus and this sets the tone for the day.

    God changed Saul to Paul.  He can certainly change your husband.  

  • I don't get enough sleep all ready. Since my husband has not been home I am usually in the bed a lot earlier though. I have actually been going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I have 15-20 minutes with God before the kids get up but I want to be able to spend a little more time than that. And, you are very right about Saul/Paul. I know that God can and, after my morning time with Him, I do believe it's possible.

    It's crazy how lack of sleep drains so much out of us. Spiritually, emotionally and physically.

  • I guess I feel a little more normal now.  Knowing I am not the only one that notices how lack of sleep affects us spiritually.  

    Maybe sacrificing TV or whatever we choose to do when we want to wind down at night is a way to add margin and to show God we desire better prayer time in the morning than we do watching a bit of TV at night.  .  

  • Yes it is. I also feel better when in not watching tv. I've watched a couple of things in the last few months but I am doing a "fast" from all social media while on this journey. It's been helpful and idk that I'll be going back to social media afterwards.

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