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Hello all!

I'm here to ask for your opinion. My husband met with a car accident 4 months back and since then he has not been able to drive. He is in trauma from the accident. For me, I'm just glad that he is alright physically after the accident, but he believes that being in this trauma is a disability too. Hence he has been planning to consider rehab clinics in Brampton. Do you think this would help him out? What else should we consider? 


  • I am so sorry Dia- I wish I could provide counsel.  I can not, I can only suggest that you, PRAY PRAY PRAY and then PRAY  some more.  God has answered me every time during this trial when I ask him what to do.  The closer we are to God the louder his voice becomes.  That is why Praying is so important, and also why our spouses sometimes think they hear God, but it is Satan.  Their walk is not of him but the world.

    Anyways sorry I don't have more for you.

  • Trey I am confident this person is not being genuine at all.  He/she has placed other false posts at other parts of this site as well.

    I would appreciate if this person would stop coming to this site.  

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