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Mother's Day

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DH sent me a text before church this morning that said "happy Mother's Day". I sent him a text back that simply said "thank you".  He also liked a post about my own mom that I posted on Facebook today.  I am thankful that we separated on terms that allow him to feel comfortable communicating with me.   I don't think that this would have been possible if I had not worked through the dares and stood firm for my marriage.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will make his heart receptive to the work that God desires to do, whatever that may be.

Our Sunday school lesson this morning was about Esther. In chapter 5, before Esther presented herself to the king on behalf of Mordecai and the Jews, she prepared herself both spiritually and physically. It was as if God was confirming to me that I need to work on improving both my spiritual and physical health during this season.  I have a lot of work to do :)
  • It's good you are in comfort in God vs clinging to his texts in a desperation to get relief from despair.  And yes, your testimony is key in how he acts.  

    don't worry about making the changes you feel God leading you to make overnight.  And realize we often make more progress than we realize. so be patient in the continued journey.  

  • Amen to that. I still have a lot of work to do also. Physically and spiritually. Let's come back six months from now and comment on how we've done that.

    I think it is wonderful how you respond to DH. I don't think I could do that. I can imagine that any conversation I ever have with my wife will have me leading it toward what she is doing/has done is wrong. I just don't see any other direction for the conversation to go. That's why I dread it and don't think "being friends" is possible. Kudos to you for trying so hard.

  • Eddie, my counselor says that being friends is not possible, and I agree with her.   I know DH intimately, and that can’t be erased. I know him in a way that a mere friend cannot.  He betrayed me, and that will never be ok.  

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