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Lessons learned and blessings received

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Lessons that the dares and this trial taught me….

1. Love is an act of obedience.

2. Love expects nothing in return.

3. When the choice to love is consistently made, the feeling of love develops and deepens.  This was accomplished by consistently working through the dares and is one of the most important lessons that I learned.

4. God will provide me with what I need in order to be obedient.

5. I am called to obey/love even when it doesn’t make sense and I don’t know what the outcome will be.

6. When I choose to believe the best, hope is immediately restored.

7. Patience is on God’s time and not mine.

8. God wants me to live a life where everything, including my marriage, is surrendered to him.

9. Relying on my own vision and understanding causes me to lose hope.

And so many more lessons both big and small….


Blessings that I have received through this trial….

1. I have experienced joy, peace, and complete satisfaction as a result of obedience.  It gave me great joy to love my husband, even though at times it was very hard.  This may be the greatest blessing of all.

2. I was both honored and humbled to have the opportunity to show love to my husband until the very end. 

3. I have been drawn closer to God in dependence on him.

4. This trial has given me a longing and thirst for Jesus and his Word.

5. God used this circumstance to reveal my own sin, giving me an opportunity to confess and receive forgiveness.

6. I saw God answer prayer.

7. The experience, specifically practicing the love dares, deepened my affection for my husband.

8. By choosing to love to the end, I was able to spend some very special time with my husband that I would have missed out on if I had given up early on.

And so many more blessings, both big and small….


In the end, my husband chose to reject God, to turn his back on the work of the Holy Spirit.  But God's work in me has been a priceless treasure in spite of my husband's actions.


  • Thank you for sharing this, it is truly beautifull, we all see the progression of the faithfulness of God in your situation. May God bless you with opportunity to care for and support someone else in need, you have a lot to share from your experience. I have been blessed by your journal and comments.

  • Thank you, Josh.

  • Good points you made.  I am not at so many points you have mentioned.  I still have to just lead my heart.

    Rejoice in that you stood for the marriage all along, relying on God's strength, not yours. . And the d did not fall upon you, at all.

  • So many people choose to reject God. I don't get it and I never will. We are given perfect instructions to live a perfect life but some of us think we don't need it and we can do it ourselves.

    You chose to obey and look where you are. In the exact same place as your husband except you have Jesus and he is still wondering if he did the right thing. You've both reached the exact same point but you have learned to be content and he doesn't know left from right.

    Like Josh said you have been put in a position to help others, including him and me. Your words are truly inspiring.

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