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Still expectantly waiting

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Another silent day.  I taught a sales workshop this morning, but the rest of the day has been nothing but tears. I was driving home this afternoon, crying, and decided that I would turn on the radio in order to hear a word from God. The song "Reckless Love" was playing.  I've heard it before, but never paid a lot of attention to the lyrics. But this afternoon, the lyrics stood out to me.  "Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God. Oh, it chases me down, fights 'til I'm found, leaves the ninety-nine."  When I heard those lyrics, I cried even harder. God hasn't given up. He is relentlessly pursuing DH.  

At times it's been hard to pray today, to know what to even pray for, and at other times my soul has cried out in grief.  I surely don't want this divorce.  This misery makes heaven seem so much sweeter.  No more tears.  I am so thankful that my place is secure.
  • You make a good point, how this life is but a blink, even in the misery.  But when we stand for God, eternity in peace and perfection and in His true presence will be so worth us carrying our cross on this earth.  

    So, I think it's Philipeans, chapter four, somewhere around verse 7 I think it says to focus on all that is good. and tthe vesres before that say to find peace in God through prayer and supplication.  

    Do not worry about tomorrow.  It will add nothing.  But the worry will take the place of Jesus' peace He extends to you always.  

  • How many tears have you cried? I didn't even know I was capable of crying so much. I even looked on Amazon for a tear catcher so I could have something physical to remember from this. When I cried Saturday it was because my daughter doesn't want anything to do with my wife. It wasn't about me. I cried for all the wrong selfish reasons at first. Now my tears are for my wife and mankind. How this process has changed me.

    God will NEVER stop pursuing DH. He will never stop pursuing my wife. It's up to them to give in to Him. It's up to us to live for Him. Our mansions are waiting for us. We need to help our spouses gain their mansions. We need Christ to take us over and show His glory through us. God is good. All the time.

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