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Fear not

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It was wonderful to see DH tonight. I know that he was tired after working all day. When he got home from work, he took a short nap and ate a quick bite before coming over here.  I volunteered to cook his dinner, but I think he wanted the time to rest.  Still no talk of the divorce.  He knows that our court date is one week from tomorrow. But there's been no mention of the divorce since April 4, when I went to his house and shared with him that the Holy Spirit was the source of his guilt.  I'm a little afraid of something.  I'm afraid that DH may want to stay married but live in separate houses.  He could have all the privacy he wants plus continue to have his physical needs met.  I don't know why the thought is running through my head, but knowing him, I won't be surprised if he suggests it.  I just don't think that is workable for me.

My counselor pointed something out to me today that is pretty neat. When I told her that DH hasn't told his daughter that he is coming over here to see me, she pointed out that's an answer to prayer.  We have been praying that God would shut the mouth of his daughter. My counselor explained that DH's indecision to tell her is actually what is keeping her mouth shut.  My counselor said "wow, isn't it neat that you can see God at work and his plan unfolding in front of your eyes?"  It is neat, and humbling, and awesome, and scary - all at the same time.  Scary because things look promising right now, and I am so afraid that will change.  My focus needs to be on my unchangeable, ever present, always faithful God.  Fear not.

  • Your last sentence, Fear not, answers what I was going to mention about you saying you are a little afraid of something, that he may want to remain married and still live separately.  Fear is from evil.  Peace is from God.  Replace that fear with the wisdom you have gained in knowing all will be more than okay with whatever happens.

  • Then your sentence of you don't think it's workable for me.  Is that  because that's what the flesh feels?  Because you are going by emotions?  Really, what choice do you have  if you want to remain in God's will?  Does  He say, Yep, not workable.  Go ahead and end the marriage because in your timing he did not move back in with you.  

    Even if he doesn't move back in, it is time to rejoice that  God has kept the marriage together.  Not time to say this just doesn't work for you.  If that's the case you can't live like that, then why did you keep standing for the marriage for all this time?

  • Most of us came to God step by step.  We didn't one day mature into strong Christians with a ton of endurance in Him.  And the same  will be with him.  If he chooses to end the d process, yet stays at his place, just consider it  a step he  took to come closer to  you like a step you took to come closer to God.

    His timing, His will.  Match that and you will be more than okay. No matter where he chooses to live for now.  

    Evil puts you into negativity and  worry about what  has not come.  God brings you to  peace now, no matter what's going on.  

  • Tim, after sleeping on it, you are probably right.  I need to spend some time in prayer about this.  

  • No idea what to think about your first paragraph, It seems like a lot of that is coming from the devil. Putting thoughts into your head. He has you forward thinking. Adding more fear to the equation. I wouldn't worry about this until it comes to it. Would it be better to be married living in separate houses or be divorced? O be in the situation you are in now? I would say married living in separate houses is a step closer to a Godly marriage than the other two choices.

    What I think by DH not telling his daughter is that he does not respect her opinion. I may be wrong but I don't think so. He does not want to hear her advice because he knows it's not good. The Holy Spirit has convinced him of what is right.

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