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Well, I'm not quite sure what to think about today. After receiving a good night text from DH last night, I sent him a good morning text this morning when I got up. We texted back-and-forth a little bit today. One surprising thing that happened today was that I posted a photo of my dad on Facebook, wishing him a happy birthday today.  DH actually commented on the post, saying "one fine man"!  I was shocked that he would publicly comment on my Facebook post like that.  This afternoon, he called to tell me that his daughter had asked him to come eat dinner at her house. He said that he told her that he really preferred to eat dinner with them sometime during the week, after he's been at work all day and is too tired to cook for himself. She told him that her husband would not be cooking this week, because of his work schedule, and that he was only cooking tonight. (He does all the cooking.)  So DH called and asked what I thought he should do. Even though I really wanted to see him tonight, I told him that I thought he should go to his daughter's. Which is truly what I thought.  For whatever reason, he has not told his daughter that he is seeing me, and I trust his judgment on that.  So, he could not decline dinner without her asking a bunch of questions. When I told DH that I thought he should go to his daughter's house for dinner, he told me that I was sweet. He told me that he would come see me tomorrow night.  I really thought that I might hear from him once he got back from his daughter's house. I at least thought that he might text me goodnight again. But I haven't heard anything since our phone call this afternoon. Since his daughter was rather negative when he told her that he wanted to postpone our court date, I struggle with wondering if she is going to pressure him to go through with the divorce. I am trying to believe the best about her too.

So, tonight I am pressing in on Jesus.  He is here for me, right here, right now.  I am facing a court date in 9 days.  I know that Jesus has things under control.  His control.  His perfect control.  
  • I can't  remember, does he know that the court date has been set again?  If not, I would suggest telling him.  Only to be fair.  He has a right to know.  If you told him you would only be doing his lawyer's job.  

    I think right now God's got his attention enough that his daughter doesn't have as much influence as she once had.  Even if he really doesn't completely understand that it is God  influencing him, he feels it.  And maybe God has his attention enough that if his daughter pressures him about the d, it may be enough that it irritates him that  his daughter is trying to  control him, like it irritates our  spouses when we take try to take control from God.

  • Pray for the daughter's conversion.  If you can't do that selflessly, then pray that God's will is done in her life.  

    Keep in mind having no expectations  of him texting you like  when he was done at his daughter, but keep great expectations of what God can do  

  • You made an excellent decision in putting DH first. I'm sure that was hard to do.

    His daughter needs God as much as DH does. This sounds like the situation with my in-laws. I don't know if I would say they are influencing my wife but I know for sure they are enabling her along the ways of the world and that is every bit as bad. When our spouses have people they can talk to outside of God they are getting the advice of the devil because you're either a slave of righteousness or a slave of sin There is no other way. Pray for his daughter as well as DH. They both need you to.

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