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Well, after initiating contact with me last night, DH initiated contact with me again this morning. Right as his shift was starting at work, he sent me a text about the union election results.  I sent him a text later in the morning that said "So, are you going to send me a text sometime soon that says how much you would love to see me sometime in the near future?"  We used to have a joke about rhetorical questions.  He was always stating that he wanted me to do something for him by asking a rhetorical question. He texted me back that I had some mail at his house and that he would love to bring it to me so that he could see me at my earliest convenience.  I asked him if he was working tomorrow and he said yes.  I know that he tries to get to bed early on nights that he has to work the next morning because he has to get up so early in the morning. So I told him that Saturday night would work just fine. I asked him if there was something else that he would rather do besides coming over to my house. I asked that question because he has maintained that part of the reason for the divorce is that we never did anything together and didn't have anything in common. When I asked that question, he replied with "like what"?  I told him that it was up to him, that I had just thought I would ask. He then asked me if I wanted to do something else. I told him that I was with him and he responded OK.  In retrospect, perhaps I should have suggested something fun for us to do. But I'm really clueless. I really don't know what kinds of things he would want to do, and he won't tell me.  He has complained that we don't do anything, but won't suggest anything.  I don't mean to sound like I am complaining.  I am really very thankful to God for the interaction that I am able to enjoy with DH right now. 

I'm not sure whether I should mention the divorce tomorrow evening or not. Of course, with only 10 days left, it's weighing heavily on my mind.
Update: DH couldn’t wait until tomorrow evening, and asked if he could come see me tonight. I think that he came over basically to be with me physically. He couldn’t stay very long, because he has to get up very early tomorrow morning to to go to work. As he left, he said that he would come back tomorrow. There was no talk of divorce tonight. Thank you God, for protecting my marriage for another day.
  • Love believes the best, that's not the only reason he came over. But even if it was, God used that to further work in him.

    It's been to long since I read the Love Languages, but maybe your husband's other language is doing things or activities or however it was labeled.

    Maybe think of something interesting to do and suggest that, or maybe even plan it and let him choose to stay in if that's what he wants.

  • Maybe don't bring up the d, but bring up that you noticed that in this trial you started finding peace when you looked for God's will and began trying to do his will.  And that you noticed or sensed he was in more peace than before lately and you wonder if his actions or thoughts or behavior are becoming more of God's will and he's becoming more pleasing to God.

    I know, I threw in a lot of maybes.  so, as always, pray upon anything I say that you choose to consider.

  • Reading through your posts has been really good for me, God is so faithful.

  • The d is on his mind. You don't have to bring it up. Enjoy the time and make it clear that you enjoy it. Show him more love than he can handle. Yes, than You God for protecting this marriage another day.

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