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This morning, I sent DH a text that simply said "missing you like crazy".  He responded back with "sayin I'm crazy?"  I responded with "noooooo".  I didn't hear anything else from him, but tonight he liked something that I posted on Facebook.  He quit liking my Facebook posts back during the summer. But Sunday night when I posted that my daughter had become officially engaged, he was the first person to like the post. Tonight, I posted a picture of myself with my sister that said "happy siblings day. I have the best sister ever". I was in absolute shock when I saw that he liked the post.  What's up with that?  As one of my friends keeps telling me, time will tell.

I am trying hard to remain level-headed.  His behavior has been encouraging lately. On the one hand, I feel like jumping up-and-down for joy at the little things such as liking Facebook posts, and having dinner together.  On the other hand, I have a court date two weeks from today, and I’m scared. Scared to get my hopes up.  1 Corinthians 13 says that love believes the best. Every once in a while, I have to really remind myself of this.  The next 2 weeks will test my faith like perhaps no others.  Patience.  Waiting expectantly on God.  Trusting His goodness.  Obedience.  Believing the best.  I need these things in extra measure over the next 2 weeks as I continue to pray for God to resurrect my marriage and pray for DH to postpone that court date.

  • in this two weeks, you can choose to be the apostles in the boat in the storm, worried to death you will perish.  Or you can be Jesus in that same horrific storm far from shore so relaxed you can sleep through the storm.

    You know your storm is approaching and either the storm will pass (a d happens) and you will be more than okay, the storm will be delayed (the court date will be moved back again), or the storm will fizzle out (he will cancel the procediings).  

  • In every situation possible, you have grown to know that God's divine providence will be perfect for you.  Trust Him and relax, be content, be in peace, as the storm (court date approaches) knowing that Jesus can calm the winds and the sea and that He can certainly calm the weather in your life.

  • I like that analogy to a storm.  Thanks!

  • "O ye of little faith." Jesus' words are echoing right now. Imagine if our faith was the size of a mustard seed!!!

    I bet people think you are insane for thinking your relationship will survive. I know they think I am. I think about Peter walking on the water. For a moment his faith was immense. Then human reality struck him and Jesus had to save him. I have those moments where I think everything is going to be fine then I begin to panic. If it weren't for Jesus reaching His hand out to me I don't know what I would do.

    You hope for the best and that's what we Christians do. That's a defining trait of a Christian. I have so much faith that I know my wife will come back. It may be 20 years or more. It may be on my death bed, but she will come back. The world doesn't understand that at all.

    It's absolutely amazing to read how DH is obviously under so much conviction. And he feels it. He knows it's there. Jesus is reaching His hand out. Please DH take it.

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