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God has called me

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God’s pull on my heart is undeniable.  For many months, I have been praying for God to raise up someone to speak truth into DH’s life.  I have been praying for God to send workers into the harvest.  My counselor told me weeks ago to be open to the fact that God might call me.  I didn’t want to hear that.  I wanted it to be someone else.  God has opened my eyes to the fact that the worker he is sending into the field is in fact me.  I feel a bit like Moses - send someone else, please.  Easter night as I was thinking about this, words just poured out into letter form.  I read them over and over again last night as well as tonight.  They are words that I believe were guided by the Spirit and that God desires me to share with DH.  But not by mailing the letter – by reading it in person. 


I believe that the guilt that DH is experiencing is the conviction of the Holy Spirit – the Holy Spirit at work in his life.  God himself at work in his life.  God loving him.  God.  I believe that Friday night as DH sat on my couch and talked about his overwhelming guilt, I was witnessing God at work in his life at that very moment.  I am going to share this with DH tomorrow evening.  I am going to send him a text tomorrow and ask if I can drop by for a few minutes tomorrow evening.  I am not sure what his response will be to what I have to say, but God through his word tells us to simply plant the seed – He is responsible for the harvest.  I can share with DH the truth of the gospel message with no expectation – because that’s what love does – no expectations of anything in return.  Sure, I would love for him to be repentant, call out to God, and call this whole divorce thing off.  But that’s the stuff movies are made of.  What’s more important is that I am obedient to what God has called me to do, and that I leave the harvest up to him.  I am praying tonight that God will lead me, guide my words, that my words will be in line with his word as revealed in scripture, that I will speak the truth in love, and that God will enlighten the eyes of DH’s heart to be receptive to the message that God wishes to convey through my human words.


I didn’t hear from DH again today.  I feel like he must not have been notified yet of the new court date.  He certainly has a great attorney!!!

  • It's so crazy that you say this because I've also been wishing and hoping for God to send her an Angel to open her eyes and have hoped it would be someone close to her but only i can say the things that i feel need to be said but I've tried so many times that i feel like coming from me just doesn't mean anything. It's as if everyone else is more supportive of our relationship being over than actually wanting us to save it.

  • I feel like we were just starting to do things the right way with our faith as the backbone but it dissolved do quickly that we didn't get to give it the best honest to God push that it deserved.

  • *so quickly

  • Keep your thoughts of no expectations and doing this for God's will and His good.

    But have great expectations of the power of God doing good in both of your lives.

    Not saying you are doing this, but it is easy to do....We so often hear not to have expectations (of our spouse) we often let that get in the way of not having expectations of God's divine providence being fulfilled in our lives.

  • The guilt he is feeling is certainly the Holy Spirit. That is a fact. Saving his soul is the most important thing. That's what we are commanded to do. If he hears the gospel and accepts it then as I see it he would have no choice but to call off the divorce. Let's pray that this is God's perfect timing for this.

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