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A new court date

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I received a letter in the mail today from DH‘s attorney notifying me that our new court date is April 24. Three weeks.  That’s the day before our fourth wedding anniversary.  I told my best friend tonight that God created the universe in six days. He can surely save my marriage in three weeks! DH told me that he would let me know as soon as he heard when the new court date would be. I didn’t hear from him today. I wonder if he’s heard.

I feel that God desires me to share with DH the source of his conviction - the Holy Spirit.  I was lead tonight to Proverbs 27:5, where it talks about how a truly good friend is one who is trustworthy and will openly correct you.  Because I love DH, I have a burden on my heart to share with him the role of the Holy Spirit in conviction.  I am in prayer about this, as are some of my close friends. We are praying that I will clearly see God’s direction, in his timing.  
  • Continue to seek God's strength and wisdom in this.  All the while keeping it in God's hands as you have been.

    I wonder too if his lawyer told him this time about the new date.

  • Wonderful news. My date was also pushed back two weeks and I have no idea why. I would at least like to make it to our 20th wedding anniversary which is November 1st if possible. God works in wonderful ways.

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