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Happy Easter

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Happy Easter!  Today has been a good day, but a difficult one.  My daughter and her boyfriend drove into town in time to meet me for church this morning.  As I was driving home after church, my eyes welled up with tears as I thought about the family that I would not be celebrating Easter with today.  My dad and his wife joined us for lunch.  I did all the cooking, and everything turned out good.  My daughter helped me clean up, which was a huge help!  After my dad left, my daughter took the dog out for a bathroom break, and her boyfriend said he had something to show me.  He showed me a picture of an engagement ring and told me that he had bought it for my daughter.  I have figured it would be coming soon – they have dated over 3 years.  She doesn’t know, and he hasn’t decided when and where to ask her.  I told him that it was beautiful and that I was excited for them.  I am excited for them, but I am also sad.  He is not a Christian, but I think that she has left her first love since she left for college.  At one time she was very outspoken about her faith.  They are both grown now and have pretty good jobs.  I guess it’s never easy.

I sent DH a Happy Easter text this morning, and he responded in kind.  It dawned on me this afternoon that I have absolutely no memory of last Easter.  I had major surgery on Good Friday last year, and I guess I was so full of pain meds on Easter that I have no memory of it.  I sent DH another text this afternoon that told him that I had no memory of last Easter, and I thanked him for taking care of me.  I also briefly told him about my daughter and her boyfriend.  He didn’t respond to anything that I said.  Instead, he sent me a picture of an Easter cake that his daughter had made.  It was impressive and I told him so!  He sent me a text several hours later and asked if I could call.  When I called, he wanted to know how my Easter went, and wanted to know the full scoop on my daughter and her boyfriend.  When I was done telling him, he said that he just wanted to call and find that out, and he got off the phone.  It seemed awkward.  It was nice to talk to him though.

God has laid it on my heart to prepare to have a conversation with DH about the source of the tremendous guilt that he is feeling – the Holy Spirit.  I don’t believe that DH understands.  I am still praying that God will send another worker into the field.  I would rather it not be me.

I am prepared for the communication between DH and I to go quiet for a little while.  He alluded to the fact while we were on the phone that he would be working a lot of overtime this week.  I will be still and know that HE is GOD.  I know that God is working on both of us in the silence.

  • I dont' think he understands his source of stress either.  I think if God laid it  on your heart, it will end up being you that has the conversation.  I am sure if it needs to  be you, you are prepared to do so.  

    The days may feel like they are going slowly by all the while the timing before the date seems to be rushing toward you.  Keep being in peace in the silence.

    For many people this is a dangerous time. Because when the countdown has really begun and also when the spouse shows signs of  letting their wall down, it is a time the flesh wants  to take action and take control from God.  But you see that as not what  should be done.

    Keep in the calm of Christ all the while shining HIs strength and patience.

  • I didn't celebrate Easter like normal this year either but you know, I celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus daily so Easter really is nothing special to me. I love my Savior more than anything so I don't feel like I need to devote a special day to Him. Every day is His day.

    I don't like the idea of marrying a non-Christian. It's a good way to get pulled into the world.

    Maybe the small talk is doing something you don't see. Maybe it is drawing DH back to you. Just like when you first started dating.

    I wouldn't look forward to talking about his conviction either. I know whenever I mentioned anything to my wife like that it angered her to no end. Ended up in court documents of course. She told the judge that I pointed out she is not fulfilling her biblical marriage duties. Which is absolutely true but the court only sees harassment. I didn't harass her about it at all but that's the spin her attorney put on it.

    While it is quiet God will continue to work on DH. We can all see that.

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