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I am in awe of God.  After three days of agonizing silence, God worked through the prayers of his people.  DH called me at 5 o'clock this evening, and told me that he called the attorney this afternoon and asked him to postpone the court date by one week. The attorney told him that it didn't quite work that way, that he couldn't just reschedule the date, that he would have to see when his schedule and the judge's schedule would allow for it to be put on the calendar. I know that a week isn't a lot of time, but God doesn't need a lot of time. And who knows, it might be a month before it can be rescheduled.  DH said that he has been physically sick from stress since Sunday.  He said that this Sunday, he wondered if he was just prolonging the inevitable and stringing out my pain. He told his daughter what he was planning to do today, and she made the comment that everyone deserves to be happy, but she thinks that by postponing it he is only prolonging everyone's agony. He asked me if it was OK with me that he postponed it. I told him that he was not prolonging my agony, and that it was perfectly OK with me that he postponed it. He said "Oh good, that makes me feel better".  He told me that the reason that he postponed it is so that he can be sure he is doing the right thing.

I am so grateful to God for this answer to prayer.  I feel humbled by God's work - he will continue to relentlessly pursue DH.  The silence since Sunday has been gut-wrenching, but I felt God urging me to be still and know that He is God.  The postponement does prolong uncertainty, but it does not prolong agony.  If our divorce was final in 6 days, I would still be in agony!  We are going to get together and talk Friday night.  I am praying that God will lead me, that he will provide me with the words that need to be spoken, and give me a spirit of love.  I am also praying that God will close his daughter's mouth, and I say that respectfully.   I understand that she is watching her father suffer, and feels like he can begin to get over the pain once the decision is final. So, I can understand her wanting a resolution sooner rather than later.  She is not a Christian, and I don't believe that her advice is coming from a godly spirit.  Even my own father, who is a very strong Christian, asked me if I was OK with the postponement, which surprised me. He said that he asked because of the pain that I have been put through. I told him that of course I was OK with it, that I have never wanted the divorce, still don't want it, and that if there is a remote possibility that it could be avoided, I rejoice in it.
  • Thanking God for  what He does and praising Him for who He is.  

    You are choosing to love in the pain and suffering of  this trial.  and have learned that even in a trial you can have peace.  He and our spouses on the other hand, primarily come back for  selfish reasons really.  Because they come back due to the stress of Christ's conviction playing havoc on them.  but that's okay, it is the stress of this trial that has brought us closer to Christ, thus we did it for selfish reasons too.

  • And as we turned toward Christ because we were hurting and then God used that to bring us to  Him for the right reasons, because He is our God that we need to worship, the same can happen for your husband too.

    Friday, it  may be a good idea if he brings up he's been stressed how he can avoid it.  Not by telling him to reconcile the marriage, but by how  you have  found peace when the world says you should be hurting. By beginning a new journey in Christ.  That Jesus brought you peace when the world brought you turmoil and despair.  Or however you choose to share your testimony.  

  • Who knows, maybe the attorney will get frustrated with him and drop him as a client.  Maybe he is too busy for people that in his mind are acting all wishy washy and doesn't want to deal with delays and changes in his schedule.  Maybe it's a good idea to pray the attorney lets go of your husband.  (not sure if an attorney can legally do that. but who cares about man's  laws when they go against God's laws.

  • Your dad's eyes are further opened to Christ and his daughter has to feel the conviction of Christ in the words she shared with her dad.  How the world thinks we find happiness is really what causes uncertainty and frustration and confusion.  If  only the world would turn to Christ and find His joy vs the pursuit of happiness.

  • There's no way on earth he's doing the right thing. He already knows that. If it does get delayed it will probably be at least a month. These court systems are slower than snails.

    I read a story a few months ago about a couple in court where the judge asked the man if he wanted the divorce and the man said "I don't know" and the judge told him if he was unsure to stay married and he didn't want to see him in his courtroom again.

    I experienced Christ's conviction for 25 years. It's difficult to ignore. Eventually you listen because when you don't life is just miserable.

    His daughter knows nothing about his suffering. Especially from a non-Christian perspective. And your suffering is being used for God's glory. God works all things for good. We know that. As Christians we grow tremendously through trials like this.

  • May God guide you in your life and lead you to the right positions. Don't give up the good fight.

  • I will continue to pray!  I smiled as I read your post.  God is so good!  

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