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Still waiting

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Tonight at Bible study, we had to complete paperwork for next fall’s study. They handed us a sheet of paper with our personal information on it, and told us to make changes if we needed to. Of course, I had to change my address, emergency contact information, and where it was already check-marked that I am married, I couldn’t bring myself to change it.  I am still married. God has protected by marriage for another day.  But tears welled up in my eyes as I completed that form.

I did not hear from DH again today, and again tonight, my flesh is struggling to believe the best.  I am trying my best to believe that God is at work in the silence.  But, the pain of knowing that one week from this very moment I may be divorced is overwhelming. Because of the pain and deep grief that I am experiencing right now, many people are telling me to either text or call DH, and tell him that I need an answer because the uncertainty is killing me.  I have felt strongly from the beginning that it was unwise to force DH into a decision.  For one reason, I have always felt that the forced decision will be a negative one. For a second reason, I believe it is in the pain of waiting that I am learning to rely on God even more.  Today was DH‘s oldest grandson’s birthday. It was sad for me to not be part of that celebration. I miss my husband, I miss my family.  And so here I sit, still waiting. 
  • I feel you completely. Our anniversary was last weekend and we didn't talk at all. In fact i found out that she spent the weekend with another man. I'm so lost and i miss her so much. The her that i used to know.

  • How could things have gotten so far? I just don't understand how someone can just be ok with all this.

  • People do not want to see you hurting and want your pain to go away. They are thinking they are trying to help, but I bet you are right, not to contact him to force a decision.  

    in this silence, he is in torment to, feeling Christ's conviction heavily.  He may not know it's Christ's conviction, but his conscience is surely working hard. And this is far more effective than you attempting to force his hand into making a decision.  Plus, I am sure you don't want him to come back under the grounds he felt forced by you.  If that would  happen, he would  hold a grudge.

  • That  was the right thing to do, leaving it check marked  you are married.  Because you are.  Proof that you are standing.  

  • Knight, please let us know if you are unable to journal.  this site is not the easiest to use.  it's hard to figure out.  And if you do journal, you may want to first type in a word doc and then copy and paste to your journal, or you may get timed out by this site.  

    Do a dare a day, no more, no less  And leave the rest to God to handle.  

  • I feel that pain too because its coming someday for me. Not because of my own desire to stay married but because I know what the right thing to do is. Which is fight through the difficulty and prevail in marriage. Its hard knowing what should be and facing what actually is because we don't control the outcome. All we can do is adjust and believe God is with us throughout the situation.

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