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Love believes the best

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Yesterday morning before church, DH called and asked what my plans were for the day. I told him that after church, I was headed to my office for a little while. He asked what time I would be home, and I told him about 3:00. He told me to call him after I got home and we could make plans for dinner, that he wanted to take me out to dinner. At about 1:00 yesterday, he called and told me that he was going to have to give me a rain check for dinner.  He said that his daughter and her family were dropping by, they were bringing the puppy, and that he was going to puppy sit while they went to eat at her husband's mom's house for dinner. He seemed apologetic, and asked if that was OK. I told him it was perfectly fine.

That's the last that I heard from DH.  I really expected to hear from him today. I must admit that I have cried this evening because I didn't.  I would imagine that he called his attorney today to confirm our court date and possibly find out why he was never notified. I know that he is really struggling with what to do. All I can do is sit and wait and pray. I am fighting my flesh this evening. I know that I learned while doing the daily dares that love believes the best.  I was reminded this evening of one time in particular while doing my first round of dares that I did not believe the best. I found that journal entry - it was on July 28. I wrote "Last night taught me that when I don't choose to believe the best about someone, it causes me to see the relationship as bad, hopeless, and over. But when I choose to believe the best, hope is immediately restored."  I am struggling to believe the best tonight.  My mind is fearful and tempted to believe the worst. I am struggling with thoughts that he has made up his mind, and the divorce will proceed and be final next week. But I know that thoughts like these are not believing the best. Why would I believe such a lie when the last conversation that I had with DH was one in which he indicated that he would still like to take me to dinner by offering me a rain check? Yet, here I sit, struggling to push thoughts that he has changed his mind and doesn't want to have dinner with me out of my head. As I am sitting here composing this journal entry, my morning devotional just came to my mind. It was based on Philippians 4:8 - "And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise."  Wow - isn't it amazing how God works?!  He knew I would need those words of encouragement tonight.
  • Good way you put it about love believes the best.  

    Look how many times Israel turned it's back on God.  Yet he kept patient with them and gave them chance after chance.  Huh, I must be getting tired.  I have no idea why I just typed that.  Not sure what i was thinking.  Sorry.

    I am sure his intentions of taking you out were pure.  And he felt he had no choice in the matter.  Especially how close he is to his daughter.  

  • i admire your passion, i too have the same passion but i think i have pushed my spouse to the point of no return

  • Keep in mind two things.  First, your husband is scared and confused about what to do and if he comes back it just won't work out. Because he is following the flesh and doesn't believe the best like you do  And second, evil sees potential in reconciliation.  And that you have gotten him to think about God.  And  when evil sees these things, it strikes harder for a time.  Now is the time to remain and seek additional strength and wisdom in Christ.  And to pray for his protection.  

  • Remember, fear is from evil. Peace is from God.  let go of the fear and replace it with faith and hope and love.  

    If a d happens in a court, does God not rule higher?  

  • knight, did you try to journal.  if so it hasn't shown up that i see.  Do you have your setting set so only your friends list or only you can read it?  

  • I struggle to believe the best also because I think I know what's best. The truth is only God knows what is best. He is leading us in the path He needs us to be on. We just don't understand it. I say these things knowing they are true but I'll go home and cry tonight wanting my wife to come back to me. We also know that these thoughts come from the devil. That's exactly why Paul tells us to think of things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

    I pray that DH changes his mind. His conviction is obvious in the way he is acting.

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