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Love is kind.

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Even though I am not completing the daily dares day by day anymore (I think I did 4 rounds), I intentionally try to think about how I can express love to DH when I have the opportunity. He called me this evening to ask when he should plan to come over. Tonight, tomorrow night, Sunday night? I told him that tomorrow night would be fine. He said that he could bring some of my mail over tomorrow night, some Sunday, some Monday and then he cracked himself up laughing. He asked me how work was going, and asked if I had eaten dinner yet. As we were getting off the phone, he told me to text him tomorrow while he was at work to let him know what time to come by tomorrow evening. Still no mention about the upcoming court date. After I got off the phone, I began to think about how I could best express love to him tomorrow evening. I decided that love is kind. He mentioned while we were on the phone this evening that he was very tired, that he’s worked 10 hour days this week, and has to put in a 6th day of work tomorrow too. As I thought about that, I thought about how it would be kind if I cooked his dinner. So I sent him a text, and told him that I knew he would be very tired after a six day work week, and asked if he would like for me to cook his supper.  I am grateful for what the dares have taught me about choosing to love. Love is a choice, and it takes thought. It doesn’t just happen.  I am so grateful for that lesson, and grateful for the opportunity to extend kindness to my husband tomorrow evening.

* Addition to my earlier post. DH didn’t see my text until this morning. He sent me a text and said “that’s OK, thank you though. I’m having an easy day.”  I told him that I was glad that he was having an easy day, and that the offer still stood if he changed his mind. He said OK and that he would call me later. I hate that he turned me down for dinner, but I feel good about extending the kindness.

  • Who knows why he turned you down for dinner.  Maybe he's scared of spending to much time with you knowing it will cause him to admit he still loves you and wants to stay with you.  Maybe he's still trying to force himself to justify his actions.  Who knows but God.  YOur husband probably has no idea really why.  

    Keep showing patience and kindness.  Because your testimony is being further validated during this part of the trial.

    Have hope in all things knowing you put it all in His hands.  You surely have to know your Father is smiling seeing His daughter share His love with the one the world is telling her to hate.  

  • Love is a choice!!! I love when people say that. I'm so confused by your story. I just don't understand how someone can want to leave another person and still want to be friendly with them. I understand that's what the Bible tells you to do but it also tells you not to get divorced in certain circumstances. It's almost too much to think about without going insane.

    The conviction HAS to be killing him.

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