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My emotions have been somewhat of a roller coaster today. I haven’t spoken with DH since Thursday evening when we had our long talk. After church was over this morning, I sent him a text that simply said “I miss you”.  He sent me a text back that said “me too”.  That’s the only communication since Thursday.  I am sad over the fact that tomorrow morning, a date will be set for the divorce hearing. There is a part of me that remains hopeful. God is in control.  No plans of his can be hindered, and he is able to accomplish anything. I am praying tonight for God to win this battle for DH’s heart and my marriage.  I believe that this may be the most pivotal time in this entire journey. I saw a change in DH on Thursday night. And I don’t think that it was wishful thinking on my part. Thursday night was the first time since this journey began that DH took full responsibility for the breakdown of the marriage and was able to articulate what the real issues are.  It was also the first time that he has ever mentioned the possibility of putting the divorce on hold or needing to do some soul-searching.  I believe that the truth is beginning to break through. That being the case, I know that Satan will increase his attacks. The assault from Satan will be more fierce now than ever before.  I am praying that the eyes of DH’s heart will continue to be enlightened, that God will command his angels to provide protection for DH from Satan‘s assaults, and that his heart will be pierced to the point of repentance.  I am also asking God to let this cup pass from me in terms of setting a date for the divorce hearing.  Not my will but his be done

  • You beat me to it.  That as evil increases the attacks that HIs angels will increase protection.  Each step of this journey and your stand in Christ has been crucial.  And it is no different now.  It's just that the stakes are more visible now.  

    Get off that rollercoaster feeling and replace it with absolute confidence in your trust in God.  Each step in this trial, each season of  this  trial from when you first learned of his intentions of a d to learning to find peace in God to learning he may have some doubt to his decision, these are all steps in the trial that  further your growth and endurance in Christ.  And as you continue to seek God's will in each of these phases that you are being brought through, a new and better character in Christ is developed in you.  Rejoice in these moments.

    And know no matter what your husband chooses to do, you will be taken care of by the perfect Father.

  • I can imagine DH is dealing with a lot. Conviction is not easy to shrug off. I also imagine satan is starting to panic after what DH said Thursday. God is working and this time you have had since June 2017 has developed your character beyond what you thought was possible. James 1:2-4 says "My brethren, count it joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing." Your growth is tremendous. You are an inspiration to others of the power of Christ because of your steadfast commitment to marriage. Keep it up, for us all.

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