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God’s will

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I watched a great sermon on YouTube tonight about the will of God. About how the will of God is two-fold, that it consists of both the sovereign will of God, or the will of decree, and the will of command. God‘s sovereign will can never be broken, frustrated, or denied. His sovereign will is the simple fact that he is in control of everything that happens. God is sovereign over all things and disapproves of many of them. His plans include sin. His plan for Jesus to be crucified couldn’t have happened without sin. So in God‘s sovereign will, he has seen fit for my marriage to be in the state that it’s in. The very fact that God‘s sovereignty has decreed my current circumstances is a source of peace for me. God is in control, working his plan that cannot be thwarted, for my good. I can trust God’s sovereign will even though I don’t understand it. On the other hand, God’s will of command can be broken, frustrated, and denied. It is revealed in Scripture. It is revealed finally and decisively in Scripture. His will of command instructs me how to respond in my current circumstances.  His word is a lamp to my feet and a light on my path.  The question isn’t whether I should call DH, or whether I should ask DH over for dinner. The correct question is “How can I best conform my actions to the will of God expressed in his word?” 

  • I am not sure I follow exactly what you are saying, but what hit home is your last sentence.  And when we conform to God's will, we can't go wrong can we....

  • According to God's sovereign will every knee will bow to him someday. He is in complete control. In between He gives us free will to obey/disobey His will of command. We all know how we should act. We all know we will be judged someday. What we do in between is our choice.

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