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Girl Scout cookies

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A couple of weeks before I moved out of DH’s house, I ordered two boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  I asked him what flavor he liked, and ordered a box for him and a box for me.  I thought they would be delivered before I moved out.  They weren’t delivered until this week.  So, I dropped them on his front porch with a note attached that said “I ordered these for you thinking they would be delivered before I moved out. Enjoy!”  Once he got home from work and saw them, he sent a text that said “thanks 4 cookies”.  I replied that he was welcome.  That’s the only communication with him since I picked up my mail Sunday.  I sure do miss him.

I am assuming nothing further has moved forward with the divorce yet.  I guess ignorance is bliss!  I had 30 days to respond to his petition for divorce.  That 30 days was up this past Sunday.  Since I did not respond, his attorney can ask the judge for a default judgement, which basically says to the judge that I failed to respond so DH’s request should be granted.  My best friend is praying fervently that DH postpones things.  I am praying for heart transformation and marriage reconciliation.  It’s not over yet.
  • It is not over yet.

    and i know the lack of communication is hard.  But rejoice because God is communicating with him.

    Be in peace, knowing God has great plans for you, is working on your husband, and you can put all your trust in Him.

  • I am praying for you also.

    I know you miss him. I bet he misses you too. I miss my wife. I also bet that in some deep place in her heart she misses me too. It's too much history to just throw away and forget about. You two will never forget each other.

    I hope DH sees how much you actually do love him someday.... soon.

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