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It’s not over ???

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Today has been an emotionally draining day. I’ve tried to make sense of the interaction that I had with DH yesterday, but my mind can’t quite comprehend it.  I had a counseling appointment today, spoke with one of my best friends late this afternoon, and had dinner with the other. All three gave me the same message. It’s not over yet, they said. Stay in prayer, they said.  God is working, they said. Let go and leave it to God. You will hear from DH again, they said. But what if I don’t?  What if my silence communicates to him that I have accepted this awful situation?  He needs to go without hearing from you in order to experience the consequence of his decision, they said.  When my counselor said that it wasn’t over, I asked her what now?  She said that I already knew the answer, and that it was to pray. She added that I needed to start praying “Who?”.  She suggested that I need to start asking God who he is going to send to DH. She even suggested that the answer might be me. I’m not even sure what she meant by that. But I am praying that DH will have an extraordinary experience with Jesus.

I miss DH terribly. A thousand times today I wanted to pick up the phone and call him or text him. But everyone, my closest Christian friends, women that are in the word and on their knees, are telling me to give It to God, that the ball is in DH’s court, and to wait to hear from him.  As I was driving home from dinner, replaying my conversation with my friend, it’s as if God put a thought into my head. He said that if I really trust him, I will give it all to him.  It’s hard, it’s really hard.
  • Those sound like people you can trust so I would do as they say. They probably know the situation pretty well. Pray for DH and leave him be for God to work on. Your story yesterday sounded positive. Hopefully it's only a matter of time and your resilience.

  • Take the missing DH terribly and turn that into a much deeper yearning for God, so much that you do not feel the desperation of  talking to DH.

    Maybe don't  think of it so much as leaving the ball in his court and waiting for him to  make the next move.  But think of it still as a time of  needing to give him space, so that God has  more  space to  work in his life.  

  • no it is not over. The d is  not finalized, and even if it is, God  is the one that has the final word.  God does not see d like our courts do.

    Just as our spouses sometimes mock the marriage  is just a piece of paper.  God may say, the d is just a piece of worthless paper.  

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