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I forgot a few things....

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I really tried to get everything out of DH’s house on Monday - but I accidentally left a couple of things behind.  I left my dad’s shower chair that I borrowed when I had neck surgery last year, I left the ice cream freezer DH gave me on my birthday last year, and a little tool box.  I really need to get the chair and give it back to my dad.  My sister and friends are urging me to wait a while to contact him or at least just have him put the stuff out on the porch so I can pick it up while he’s at work.  I’m not sure what to do.  I haven’t had any contact with him since the Valentines Day text.  I miss him so much.  My best friend is praying that he will pine for me so hard that it will lead him to search out God.  All I know is that I miss him, would love to see him again, and want my stuff back.

I am praying that this journey will lead DH to seek God.  Scripture promises that when we seek, we find, and I know this to be true.  In the meantime I am trying my best to lean on His everlasting arms.
  • He's your husband, use the opportunity to say hi and see him when you go to pick up the items.  No reason to wait till he's gone.  It's not like you are invading his space like it may have been at the beginning of the trial.  

    You want to say hi, and greet him.  Take the opportunity to do so.  

    Asking him to put the items out on the porch while he's gone is showing coldness.  You don't want to do that.

    Even if he asked for a d, and even if it happens, it doesn't mean he won't want to be friends, or at least friendly.  He may even call you when he needs a favor.  Keep the door open.

  • That's all you can do. Lean on Him.

    In a few days I would contact DH and tell him you forgot a few things and ask him how he would like to handle it. Give him all the control. Who knows what he will tell you. I doubt it would be negative.

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