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He beat me to it!!

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He beat me to it! At 10 o’clock this morning, I received a text message from DH that said “HVD”, which of course stood for Happy Valentines Day.  I didn’t see the text for about 2 1/2 hours because I was busy working. When I saw it, I was absolutely shocked. Why in the world would a man that is divorcing me send me a valentine text?  I really wasn’t sure what to send back. I tried to think about what would communicate love and unity.  My feelings for him have never changed. So I decided to text back “You too, Sweetie”.  I never heard anything else from him. I thought about it all day long.  I am still praying for reconciliation. But above that, I am praying for DH a heart transformation, a heart that will long for God.  I sure do miss him.  As I thought about that text later in the day, The word stupid came to mind. This is just stupid. There he is at work, thinking about me enough to send me a text, and here I am at work, missing him. How stupid it all is.

I got together with three other women tonight for dinner. Of course, I would rather spend the evening with DH, but I had a great time and appreciate my Christian friendships. What a blessing.
  • I prayed especially for you today, but also prayed for everyone on this site.  I still believe divorce is not the final word.

  • on isn't it?

    As he reached out to you, know God is always reaching out to him, as well as you.

    He showed kindness through this trial, and it looks like he may try to be kind even after the courts say a d is finalized.  So, you showing kindness through all of this has kept the doors more fully open for God to keep working.  Not that He needs your help, but He allows His works to be more productive for those that seek Him and do His will, just what you are doing.

  • That has to be some kind of conviction in him. My wife can't say anything to me because of this court order she got but in the last few months there have been times where she asked me for advice and was really nice to me. There's still a part of them that does not want to let go. There has to be. You can't just STOP loving someone.

    Stupid is the word. It is stupid to go through this. Also selfish, prideful, immature, ignorant, etc. So many words to describe it. It just simply doesn't make sense. Not to mention its not biblical. Its really frustrating to even think about.

    Keep up the fellowship with your girl friends. Let them support you. Prayers.

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