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God, give me strength

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I just made lunch for DH the last time, and poured his coffee for the last time. As he left for work, I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug. He hugged me back. There were no words said. I let go, and he walked out the door and said bye. I watched as his truck drove off. I pray that I’ll see him someday again in heaven.  I need God’s strength today.  Strength to lean on the hope that I have in Christ, and strength to get me through the move today. Tears abound. 

  • It is not  fair what he did.  but you handled this trial way above how the world would have. rejoice in that.  and who says you won't see him again. Can you call him in a few weeks, days or months, what ever seems appropriate and ask him to meet you for coffee or a bite to eat?  

    what the courts  say is not what God says.  Paper may say you are d.  But that does not mean God says that.  

  • God will be working in DH. In His time. You need to be patient now and wait for God. You never know what will happen. I know your heart is broken. Mine is broken for you. I think the destruction of family is terrible. I hate the devil and his wicked ways. Rely on Christ now to get you through this. He has already defeated Satan so Satan has nothing on you. You are a child of God.

  • My eyes are full of tears as I can recall how that felt.  I cannot tell you how sorry I am for your broken heart, but you also know God sees your pain and as you continue to trust Him, He is working for good on your behalf.  What that good looks like is only known to God, but it can only be something beautiful and wonderful if it comes from the heart of God.  I will continue to pray.  Trust me on this, even in divorce, there is hope because our hope is not only in God, but He is our hope.  We can never be hopeless if God is our hope.  

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