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Alone but not really

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My move is over. The house is in shambles! Bags and boxes and totes everywhere.   It will take some time to get everything sorted out and put away. Especially since I go back to work full time tomorrow! However, the dog and I are settled in for the night and I know that it will not take long for this to feel like home.

It was hard to leave the home that I shared with DH.  I cried as I did a final walk-through this afternoon, and I didn’t even get two blocks away before I turned around, pulled back in the driveway, pulled the key out of its hiding place, and went back in one more time.  It still seems unreal to me that I will never live there again.  I tried to leave his home in good condition. I carried out all the garbage that was made from my move, and swept and picked up underneath where furniture had been. I cleaned out the refrigerator, wiped it down. I chopped strawberries, celery, and cleaned grapes for his lunch, just like I always would at the beginning of the week.  I will miss doing those things for him. As I prepare to spend the first night in my new home, even though I feel alone, I know that I’m not. God is with me. He permeates the air I breathe, His spirit engulfs me, inside and out. I am never really alone.
  • And as you realize you are not alone, your husband is realizing he is, and the foolish choice he made will not bring happiness.  And he will find misery is what he will really get.  For Christ's conviction will be heavy on his conscience, while your conscience will be at peace, since you try to line your  will up with God's.

  • First... don't ever say you will never live there again. You don't control that. With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! I know you have a clear conscience because I've read your story over the last few months and I have been there with you. We are doing what is right in the sight of our almighty God. He will comfort us through this. I am fully confident that our spouses will regret this. They may never act on it but it will always haunt them. I spoke to a couple of people these last few months that have been divorced for years and they both told me that they wish they had done things differently. That they had worked on the marriage instead of running away. We are right in fighting for marriage and our spouses are wrong in leaving. We need to be proud of that and thank God for what we have and not be angry for the things we don't have. Continue to pray for DH his whole life as you live yours for God and He will give you exactly what you need.

  • I concur with both Tim and Eddie.  And I will be praying for you Determined!!  My heart knows your pain.  

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