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R4D33 Things don’t always turn out as planned

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This is the dare where I am supposed to tell DH that I am going to include him/his input in my plans.  I knew when I read the dare that this included telling him about the flooring situation in my old house, how it is still backordered.  So tonight, I told him.  He never made eye contact with me and never responded to me in any way.  It probably has put a kink in his plans.  I know he’s been waiting to file until my old house is ready to move back into.  Today has been one of those days where you wish you could have just skipped it!  My son called me from across the country at 3am.  He suffers from depression and has also been an addict, sober now for two years.  Well, he is either having a severe mental issue or is back on alcohol and/or drugs.  I never could fall back asleep after speaking with him.  My heart is heavy - my only way to help him at this point is with prayer.  Then on my way from work tonight, the battery warning light came on in my car.  So I planned to head straight somewhere to get it checked.  Well, in the middle lane of rush hour traffic, my car shut off.  Luckily, traffic was so heavy it was at a snails pace, and I was headed down a hill so I was able to change lanes and coast to the shoulder.  I called DH and he got there about 45 minutes later.  I was so thankful to get into his warm car!  I ended up needing to have my car towed.  On my way to bed I thanked DH for helping me tonight.  He didn’t acknowledge I said anything, so I stood there wondering if he actually heard me, and he finally grunted.  Then after we were both in our bedrooms, I remembered that we needed to probably leave some water running due to the cold weather.  I walked out of my bedroom and said “we probably need to leave some water running, huh?”  He never responded.  I think the flooring backorder has him undone - he acted the same way when I told him about the last backorder date.  All in all, I am thankful that I didn’t end up getting run over on the interstate when my car quit.  I am thankful that DH came to get me.  I am thankful that my son is alive.  And I know that God has protected my marriage for one more day.

  • I usually don't relate well with others problems such as with the car and your son.  But, been through some of that recently.  Not fun.  But thank God we are growing closer to God or we wouldn't be taking all of  the pains as well.

    BElieve the best.  Maybe he was quiet due to processing the backorder, but in a different light than you imagine.  Maybe he is finding each day the house isn't done, brings him closer to letting his wall down and Christ's conviction has him now worrying he is on the wrong path and now has  to change or  should change.  And this is the burden he is feeling, not you, not  the house not being done, but the burden of he should not get a d has been placed upon him  from God.  

    In all this, be in His peace and  joy.  Be content in all things.

  • That article that someone put up on here a few weeks ago says to delay the d as long as possible. Even if DH is angry, which he may not even be, this is giving him time to think about what is going on.

    You pointed out a lot of positive things. Focus on those as it seems you are doing. They far outweigh the bad. You are what you think. Think positive.

    "I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."

    Philippians 4:12

  • It's okay if the backorder upset him. It's throwing off his plans, but you aren't. He may not see that distinction right now though. Also, he could still file anyway, but he is making a decision not to. That is a good thing, he still cares, even if he doesn't know how to show it, or doesn't want to. The backorder seems to be one way that God is keeping the two of you under the same roof. Trust in His plan and His timing.

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