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R4D28 Sacrificing feelings

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Sacrifice.  I sacrificed my own feelings today.  I am not sure if this met the requirements of the dare or not, since I was supposed to sacrifice something for DH.  I was so upset over the remodeling difficulties (see my last journal entry).  I was angry with DH, and wanted to go home and tell him so.  I felt like telling him how much he has ruined my life with all this, what a low life he is for putting me through this.  I didn't.  I went home and didn't say a word.  He knew I was going to the place where I ordered the flooring, and he might could tell that I had been crying when I got home, but I laid my feelings on the sacrificial altar.  Shortly after I got home, his daughter brought one of the grandkids over for us to watch for a while.  By the time he left it was dinner time.  We were out of Christmas leftovers, and needed to make a few Christmas returns, so we went out and got Mexican food on our way to make the return.  Since all this began, if I don't cook, we have brought takeout in.  I can't remember the last time just the two of us went out to a restaurant together and sat down and ate!  After the meal, we went to a couple of stores.  We didn't just make the returns and leave.  We just took our time and looked around.  When we got home, we watched a movie that he picked out for us to watch.  It was like a date night, but I didn't dare point that out.  It was a little strained (everything is these days), and he was not as talkative as he used to be, but other than that, it was just so good to spend the time with him.  I thank God for the opportunity.  The sacrifice of my feelings paid off.  We would never have had such an enjoyable evening if I had blown up when I got home.  I still haven't told him about the flooring issue.  I am waiting for the installer to call me before I decide exactly what to do.  DH leaves tomorrow to go hunting and will be back Saturday night.  That gives me time to figure things out and I will share with him after he gets home.

  • Oh how when we learn the dares lessons we save ourselves so much grief.  Such as you not unloading your feelings on him.  And how the night turned out well.  When we resist the flesh, that is when the door is more open for us not to fall.  

    In the days to come, your flesh will be ready to hand him an earful or to limit the patience and kindness you have been showing.  so, remember how last night went all because you sacrificed unloading on him.  

  • Taking those emotions to Jesus is much better than unloading on DH. DH has his own load right now and it sounds like you helped him with that.

    Pray about a way to bring up the flooring gently.

    Keep fighting those fleshly feelings to unload. I understand your frustration with how you think he is ruining your life. I think the same way of my wife. How can she do this? to me? to herself? to our six children? She's not in her right mind. DH is not in his right mind. They need God desperately. But will they ever open up? Possibly, if they see Christ in us.

    "If Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet the spirit is alive because of righteousness."

    Romans 8:10

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