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I resolved a long time ago to forgive DH.  As DH continues to steadily pursue a divorce, God has enabled me to continue to forgive.  I am so grateful that I have been able to experience God’s forgiveness of me, and pass that forgiveness along. It truly does give me a sense of freedom, to not be burdened by the weight of unforgiveness.  I pray that even if the worst happens, God will enable me to continue to forgive.  My sister doesn’t understand it, and is very bitter towards DH right now. I pray that God will enable her to forgive also.  I often wonder if DH has really forgiven me for the ways in which he feels I have wronged him.  I have asked for his forgiveness for the things he has mentioned, and even some additional things that he hasn’t. He told me that he forgives me.  But he continues to mention those things as reasons for divorce. He may not fully comprehend forgiveness, because I don’t know if he realizes what God has really done for him.

Today has been a lovely day and a wonderful way to end my visit. My dog and I went about an hour south this morning, and spent the day at the beach on the gulf coast. The weather was perfect, and it was good for both mind and soul.  I spoke with DH very briefly this evening.  I have missed him while I have been at my sister’s house and am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.  I am in prayer about how to greet him and that I will have no expectations of him when I arrive home.
  • Glad your trip has been good. I think for  your sister it will be hard for  her to forgive and get passed what he is doing.  

    Even though I think my family has  been nothing but kind to mine, I find  myself resenting a friend's wife who is doing this to him.  We just do not  want to  see our  family or friends hurt by others.

    In time she will have more and more  of an opportunity to pull in, accept, and change herself and ability to forgive him all due to your continued testimony.

    It is crazy how in the past he has shown a lot of kindness and yet d is still on his mind.  

  • this surely has to convict him in Christ.  and that leaves the door open to all things being possible in God.  

  • My family is also struggling with this. I share very little with them, because they have made it very clear that they disagree with my choices. My sister just tells me that she wishes he would talk to me. (Interestingly, he is starting to talk to me now, but it is out of anger.) My dad is angry because he has abandoned me and left me to deal with all of the responsibilities. And my mom tries to be supportive, but asks me questions like, what are you going to do if he is still not talking to you in five months? I don't think that they understand that I am putting my faith completely in God, and that I trust that God will take care of me no matter what happens.

  • It is hard to forgive. But, forgiving someone removes so much weight. I feel it physically myself. Jesus can bear that weight for us. There's no reason to hang on to the past. God forgives sin and remembers it no more. (Hebrews 8:12) We can only learn from it and correct our present behavior.

    Like your sister, my children don't understand forgiveness. They want me to "destroy" their mom in court. I told them I don't have any desire to do that. I only want what's best for all of us. God can provide that for us. We must forgive and set the example for all of those around us. Don't follow the ways of the world. Follow God's way.

    My wife said she forgives me but, like your husband, still uses the past as a reason for divorce. Hopefully, by our example, they will understand some day.

    Continue to pray. I will too, for you. And continue to have no expectations.

    "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts."

    Isaiah 55:9

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