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R4D20 & 21 Time to lead the heart again

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I am combining my journal entries for yesterday and today’s dares. I was too sleepy last night when I got to my sisters house to journal. Day 20 says that love is Jesus Christ. And it dares us to trust what God is saying through his word.  I was reminded of a song yesterday, the lyrics of which say “I have this hope in the depths of my soul”.  God’s word promises hope. Day 21 was to be intentional about making time to pray and read the Bible.  Spending that time daily with God speaks truth into my life to combat Satan’s lies.  It draws me into God’s presence, where I find comfort rest strength courage please enjoy. It equips me to face each day, knowing that God‘s grace is sufficient.  

I ended up having a wonderful day.  My sister was off from work today, and she and my two nephews visited a wonderful museum. Then we had a great lunch together. We ended the day by taking our dogs to visit Santa at Petsmart!  Several hours after I posted my emotional post, DH called me. I am not sure why he didn’t call earlier, but I didn’t ask. I reread the appendix in the Love Dare book tonight about leading your heart.  Somehow along the way, I have quit leading my heart. I’m going to spend some concentrated time over the next couple of days focused on leading my heart.
  • It's good practice to lead the heart, not only in the trial we are all facing, but also at work, out in the public, and with other family and friends.  it keeps us from being hurt when we have expectations that aren't met and helps us to forgive others, and helps us remain in God's joy even when those with us are grumpy or cruel.  

    It is so easy at times to forget to lead the heart.  Because we stay so focused on our hurts.  It's great you remembered to go back to leading your heart.

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