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R4D19 All is possible with God

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Everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.  As I look back at the many dares that I have completed, I know that the only way that I have completed the ones I have done is through the power of the Spirit working in me.  When I haven’t done one, it’s because I haven’t leaned on the Spirit like I should.

I am just about ready to leave town for my sister’s tomorrow.  I went ahead and fixed DH’s meds for next week just like I would normally do on Sunday.  I also cleaned out the refrigerator and ran the dishwasher.  I sure am going to miss him, but I am looking forward to the break.  I am going to leave after his doctor appointment tomorrow.
  • It is good you are cleaning things up before you leave. I encourage you to stay in communication. I know you are going to get a break yet think about how important communication is in a relationship. Have fun, get some good R&R and I look forward to you being back on the site when you return home...HOME...oh, how I like the sound of that word...There's no place like home....

  • I pray you do find this time as a retreat to  grow in Christ.  To get away from the crowds like Jesus so often did, to have  time with His Father, our Dad too.  

    To grow in the Word made flesh and to grow in love with Him.  To find the peace He  so badly wants for you.

    Enjoy the time with your sister and the nice getaway.  

    I'm kind of  laughing right now.  Mine  was suppose to go away for the weekend but has  now chosen to stay home.  I was looking forward to the peace under the roof with her gone for a few days.  Enjoy your reprieve.  

  • I fhis was your first or second round, I would say to do the dares the best you can each day you are gone.  But, being your fourth round, I will leave  that between you and Christ.  

  • So much info in few little words. These dares would be impossible without God. I have felt like giving up on more than one occasion but then God talks to me and reminds me that this is for ME, not for my wife. I'm doing these dares to grow in Christ. I can't make my wife grow in Christ. I can only show her by example how wonderful serving a Living God is.

    Schedule time every day to lean on the spirit. You can't grow without reading your Bible. You must make time to read and spend with God.

    Keep doing things for him like cleaning the refrigerator and running the dishwasher. Show him love no matter what. Lead by example.

    Don't we miss our spouses? That statement really hits me. I want to hug my wife so bad. Just a simple hug would mean so much to me. They don't' even realize how much a hug could change our world.

    The break will definitely do some good. I recently read a non-religious book that was still good called Getting Back Together. It points out that a break in your relationship is the best thing for it. It gives you both time to work on yourselves and gives time for the wounds to heal.

    "Dear children, let's not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions."

    1 John 3:18

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