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R4D18 God is able

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DH and I had a pleasant dinner this evening.  I cooked one of his very favorite things that we hardly ever eat - macaroni and cheese.  There wasn't a whole lot of conversation but we talked a little more this evening about dinner plans for Christmas Eve.  Overall, it was positive.

I appreciate the comments to my post yesterday.  Yes, I suppose that I am assuming too much, and I am trying hard to overcome that.  And yes, I guess that asking who he went to see was a form of snooping.  Something that struck me as I have thought about it is that I can be thankful that DH is honest with me.  He didn't have to tell me he saw the attorney, and I am grateful for his honesty.  I liked the comment regarding Paul to yesterday's post.  Yes, his conversion was totally unexpected and miraculous.  God is able.  He has protected my marriage to this point.  This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.
  • Those simple meals and quiet times may be just a way for God to put in place, Be still and know that I am God into the household.  A time when we don't work at it, but God surely is.  

  • Be thankful for the communication. Show God in your communication. Be humble and a servant. Lead your husband by serving him. God will show him in His own time and way.

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